Monday, November 12, 2007

Japanese Construction Dwindles due to New Seismic Requirements

The Times (online) is reporting that commercial and residential construction in Japan is in dire straights as contractors and designers struggle to meet new seismic requirements for structures. The difficulty stems from the implementation of the new law. All projects currently under construction or on the horizon must meet the new stricter requirements. Many projects have stopped to resubmit plans and there is a fear that the government will not be able to handle all of the resubmittals and new submittals in a timely fashion. Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport did not ramp up resources to handle the bulk of review and inspection work the new laws have created. The government may not be all to blame. The new regulations are meant to keep contraactors and designers from cheating when it comes to seismic design, an apparently common practice until now. [via and}


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