Wednesday, November 14, 2007

ASCE Criticised by, Demands Video Removal released the above video on Youtube last week criticizing the ASCE's investigation of Hurricane Katrina Disaster. alleges that the ASCE took money from the Corps for the investigation and padded their findings by minimising the effects of the flawed Corps levee design with respect to the city's flooding. ASCE bullied to remove the video.

ASCE has launched an internal investigation into the ethical misconduct of those involved with the review as a a response to the allegations supported by University of California-Berkeley professor Raymond Seed who conducted an independant study of the New Orleans Disaster. ASCE has commented that the Corps placed a limited scope on their review and that when the ASCE pushed them to include out-of-scope factors the Corp refused to budge.

[via The Times-Picayune, clip via]


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