Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Three Gorges Dam Not Performing Gorgeously

China's Three Gorges Dam is quite possibly the largest civil project ever constructed and potentially the largest hyro electric power station. However the 1.5 mile long, 600 foot high dam is causing a lot of problems for the nearby and not so near by residents up to 373 miles from the dam. Approximately 4 million people and over 100 towns will have been relocated by the time the reservior is brought to full capacity. Of even greater concern are the landslides occuring in the mountains surrounding the reservior most likely caused by seepage forces and the saturation of the soils. Over 91 landslides have been reported so far. Some landslides have produced 100ft high surges in the reservior. It has been reported tha as much as 20% of the slopes may not be stable.

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