Thursday, November 8, 2007

Berezniki Sinkhole Photos

While neither news nor technology, click on the above link to look at some incredible photos of the Berezniki Sinkhole. This sinkhole first opened up in 1986 as a result of flooding in a Russian potash mine. Several papers have been written on the causes of the sinkhole (See here, and here). The size of the collapse is approximately 80m long, 40m wide and 200m deep!

PS - Turns out there is some NEWS here. The sinkhole is expanding and is expected to swallow up the only rail line that leads to and from the potash mine. This area produces about 10% of the worlds potash which is used in fertilizer. World wide demand will most likely be shifted to a Canadian Producer whose stock is soaring with the news of this sinkhole.

UPDATE: I hope you didn't buy to much stock in PotashCorp (the Canadaian producer) because the Russian sinkhole advancement has slowed and someone finally hit upon the brilliant idea of relocating the threatened railroad spur.


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